About Us

What makes Bloomly's preserved roses special?

  • Roses last for months without water!

  • Roses are premium and sustainable from Ecuador. Ecuador supplies the most premium preserved roses in the world due to the close proximity to the equator and the high elevation points. 

  • Roses are preserved using a toxic free and hypoallergenic wax based solution. 

  • Bloomly is a Canadian based company located in YYC

  • Bloomly supports women empowerment - financially backing women based charities and organisations

  • Gift options for more than the standard birthday, love or sympathy flowers

  • Affordable luxury - to suit a variety of budgets 

Do the roses really last for months?

Yes! Please follow the below care instructions for optimal results.
How do I care for the roses?
  • Please do not water
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Store at room temperature
  • Lightly dust the petals if required

P.S. Feel free to spray with your favourite perfume, it will not damage the roses! 

Do you do corporate gift giving or custom orders?

Yes! Please contact hello@bloomly.ca for more information. 

Can I include a custom note or message with the order?

Yes absolutely! Simply click on your cart and click on "add a personalised message for the recipient here". This message will be written on a small card insert. Each order also comes with a fabulous quote card and stand.

What is the shipping & return policy?

 We currently ship anywhere in Canada, coast to coast - the cost of shipping is calculated based off the location of the customer. 

Unfortunately due to the custom nature of the roses, we are unable to provide refunds at this point in time. However if there is a problem with your order please reach out to hello@bloomly.ca. 

Why women's empowerment?

 Although women equality has come a long way, we believe there is still a way to go. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more interesting stats, and some amazing women empowerment initiatives across Canada and the world :)  

How do I get my women's charity or organisation sponsored by Bloomly?

Please contact hello@bloomly.ca. You will then be given a charity/organisation sponsorship application form.