Women Empowerment

Each Bloomly purchase directly supports women empowerment charities and organisations across Canada. 

Why women's empowerment?

   Although women equality has come a long way, we believe there is still a way to go. For example -the most recent stats by Statistics Canada include:

  • 75 cents on average is earned by full-time working women in Canada for every dollar men make.

  • 15.5 months is how long it takes women to earn what a man earns in 12, on average. 

  • $7,200 less. Women with the same experience, socio-economic and demographic background earn approximately $7,200 less annually than their male counterparts.

The gender pay gap has more consequences than purely financial, as it contributes to women's poverty, health concerns, and barriers to leaving abusive relationship. 

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If you have a charity or organisation in which you want to apply for sponsorship, please contact us at hello@bloomly.ca